On the radar: Geordi La Force

Hinterland Preview

Like a firework that lights the sky a mile-wide in circumference, Geordi La Force is an artist with the ability to entertain and excite in equal measure.

Play: Geordi la Force - The Baguette of Phil Collins on the green button

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Just one of the musical delicacies that make up the eclectic banquet that is Hinterland, this one man/guitar/laptop combo provides songs that not only capture your ears but whose witty titles swindle your laughter too.

'The Baguette of Phil Collins' is not just a hint at his humour but a song that you know you will want to witness live: systematically defined beats and savage, wolfish guitar riffs.

He says of his inspirations: "I think it is a funny world we live in and there are a lot of things to laugh and poke fun at. I could try to call my songs something meaningful but it is instrumental so where does the meaning come from?"

Find out the meaning behind Geordi la Force for yourself in Glasgow this week.

Intrigued? Watch Geordi la Force live at Hinterland, downstairs at Classic Grand, Glasgow on Thursday at 8.15pm.

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