Leader comment: Girl Guide badges to include actual Moon-walking?

In 1909, a group of girls turned up at a Boy Scout rally and announced they were 'Girl Scouts'. This bold manoeuvre so impressed Lord Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts, that he decided there should be such a movement. And so, the Girl Guides were born.
Girl Guides show off their badges (Picture: Doug Peters/PA)Girl Guides show off their badges (Picture: Doug Peters/PA)
Girl Guides show off their badges (Picture: Doug Peters/PA)

What exactly Baden-Powell would have made of the Guides’ new badges for mixology – referring in this case to non-alcoholic cocktails, but even so – mindfulness, human rights, going to music festivals, and something called “vlogging” is anyone’s guess.

But perhaps he would have kicked back, sipped a Virgin Mary with just the right amount of Tabasco, and realised the need to move with the times.

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As he began to realise just how much things had changed since his day while watching a really very interesting video on YouTube about women’s rights, he may have contemplated what kind of badges might be needed even further in the future.

Robot maintenance, actual Moon-walking, growing potatoes on Mars, and Arctic surfing? Some new badges may take some of us a bit by surprise but with hundreds available there are plenty to choose from.