Scotland's 'Asbo beavers' will hopefully enjoy their new life in leafy London suburb – Scotsman comment

A family of Scottish beavers is settling into their new 20-acre secure enclosure, Paradise Fields

After apparently causing trouble for farmers, a group of Scottish ‘Asbo beavers' (allegedly) has been relocated to a nice new home. However, the site chosen, called Paradise Fields, is more than a little unusual. For, instead of being taken to a remote part of the Highlands, this family of nature’s tree-felling, dam-building experts has moved into a leafy London suburb.

Whether this turns into a beaver version of 1970s BBC sitcom The Good Life or not remains to be seen. The two adults and their three kits are now in possession of a 20-acre ‘secure’ enclosure (the security has yet to be fully tested, we suspect) in Greenford, Ealing. London property prices being what they are, it’s probably just as well the beavers didn’t ask.

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Given they were the first of their species in urban London since the 1600s, the city made a bit of a fuss with Mayor Sadiq Khan turning up to welcome them. There are even plans for beaver safaris. We hope they take to city life so their Asbo can be withdrawn, but suspect a few farmers may have their doubts...



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