Talk of the Town: Freight fright over pub showstopper

Edinburgh band Freight, who were playing at the Granary in the Shore, were reluctant, fearing the man’s possible drunkenness.

However, he was allowed and proposed to his girlfriend, who accepted.

One band member said: “We were a bit gobsmacked when he said he wanted to propose, and couldn’t really say no to that. Just as well she said yes.”

John’s a little off-track with attack on council

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TOTT’s respect for doughty anti-trams campaigner John Carson took a dent after Thursday’s city centre by-election.

Not because the retired engineer came second last in the poll – in fact, him beating the Lib Dems was a little victory all in itself.

No, John rather spoiled his moment by claiming he had been nobbled because “high” sources in the council had leaked plans to push forward the tram project on the day of voting. Wrong John. There was no leak from the council, just this paper doing its job by finding things out and telling the good folk of Edinburgh. We hope John gets back on track sooner than the trams are likely to.

Two much trouble

IT’S hard to keep an eye on the nippers all the time, especially if they are a mischievous duo in the making.

Two-year-old twins had to be rescued from their family car after becoming stuck in the vehicle outside the Links Nursery in Musselburgh. The circumstances as to how the boys became locked in is unclear, although it’s thought they managed to press the remote locking button. “Let’s just say it was a rare opportunity to use the spring-loaded window punch,” said one fire source.

Hawaii? Just the same!

AS the Evening News reported earlier this year, the beleaguered Edinburgh tram project has been held up as a warning by politicians in Hawaii, which is in the early stages of its own light rail scheme.

One of our colleagues has just returned from a Hawaiian holiday and canvassed the locals on the Honolulu project. The souvenir sellers at Pearl Harbor laughed and said: “It’ll never happen!” The cabbie to Honolulu airport said it was a fiasco, not least because the line wasn’t even going as far as the airport.

Looks like we have a new twin town, folks.