Trump International Golf Links' failed food hygiene inspection unlikely to deter customers with strong stomachs – Scotsman comment

When will Donald Trump next dine at his Aberdeenshire resort?

It’s probably fair to say that the failure of the Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeenshire to pass a food hygiene inspection is among the former US President’s lesser problems right now, given his current legal troubles. But it is, at least, rather ironic that the self-confessed germophobe’s business should have been ordered to make improvements by environmental health officials over cleanliness and food safety issues.

As The Scotsman reveals today, inspectors found built-up dirt in parts of the kitchen. And when food handlers washed their hands, they actually contaminated them. Surfaces were “not being effectively sanitised”; fridges and freezers were not kept at the correct temperatures; and sausage meat was discovered in a freezer with a use-by date that expired 83 days before the inspection.

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Trump International Scotland rejects the report and insists that a Pass Certificate has now been achieved.

One wonders when Trump will next eat at the resort he has predictably declared to be “among the greatest in the world”. As for the other diners, some might say one would have already needed to have a strong stomach to put money into the pockets of a man as morally repugnant as he is.



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