A cycle of despair

On Sunday, 18 May, 81 miles of Highland Perthshire roads in Tummel, Rannoch and Strathtay will be closed for up to half a day to allow 2,000 cyclists to use them for a mass rally, the Etape Caledonia. The A827 from Aberfeldy to Ballinluig will be closed from 9:45am until 1:15pm, with a 25-mile diversion the only alternative. However, for much of the route there is no possibility of detours and residents and visitors will be trapped until the cyclists have passed.

On the same day, the Etape du Dales is being held in Yorkshire on a route of 110 miles. The difference is that it is being held on open roads with minimal disruption. Why can this not happen in Highland Perthshire also? Cyclists do their cause no favours when they operate in such a manner.


Swanston Crescent


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