Aiding the debate

Korstiaan Allan (Letters, 5 November) makes a spirited ­attack on MP George Galloway and his assessment that an independent Scotland would have to set aside its “pie in the sky” dreams of being a socialist Utopia and instead strive to be financially viable.

Mr Allan puts his faith wholeheartedly in the fact that Scots have voted steadfastly for the ­Labour “pie in the sky” option for the past 58 years.

And that is ­despite the fact that every ­Labour government ever elected in Britain has gone bust because its ideas and policies were not financially viable.

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We Scots are destined to live in very interesting times over the next few months; times when opinions, fables and dogmas are soon going to distil into a single hard fact, and committed socialist George Galloway MP’s hard-­headed assessment of what possibly lies ahead on the socialist route is a useful contribution to the discussion.

Irvine Inglis