Carmichael’s claim justified

YOUR editorial last Sunday 
attacked Alistair Carmichael, the newly appointed Secretary of State for Scotland.

The fact he highlighted the clear evidence that the combination of active involvement by both UK and Scottish parliamentarians in their efforts to persuade Ineos to reverse their decision to close the Grangemouth facility demonstrated the strength of the UK Union is nothing more than a realistic assessment of what happened. Carmichael’s Liberal Democrat colleague Ed ­Davey, the UK Secretary of State for Energy, played a crucial role, as did Scotland’s First Minister, who had no alternative under the circumstances as they unfolded.

Scotland faces an uncertain future. We are presently being taken on a journey the vast majority (according to most opinion polls) of Scots reject.

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Despite this evidence, it would appear from your editorial that this opinion should not be reflected by our elected politicians.

Instead you seem to suggest the Secretary of State for Scotland should somehow reject the straightforward understanding that the majority of us currently believe that ultimately we are better together as part of a peaceful union of the nations comprising the United ­Kingdom.

Alistair Carmichael should not be pilloried for reinforcing the evidence.

Galen Milne, Dunblane