The debates about the TV election debates are becoming tantalisingly like a cross between an afternoon soap and a panel game where hopes are raised that they’ll all get the low buzzer and be thrown out and then dashed when they come up with another wheeze to stay in.

The TV companies claim that there were 22 million viewers last election so we can understand their enthusiasm but they fail to realise that people switch on in their millions not to be enlightened by the sharp and clever wit of our politicians but in the eager desire to see blood being spilt or at least to see someone make a mistake.

They are contemplating “empty chairing” anyone who doesn’t turn up.

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With the exception of David Cameron, all the party leaders are eager to take part, including Ed Miliband, the Labour leader who has formally confirmed 
his acceptance of the three 

Two of the debates will comprise at least seven party leaders and one will be a head to head between Ed Miliband and David Cameron.

The head to head will be a fascinating watch and I propose the empty chair be a swivel/rocker so that it can respond to Mr Miliband’s taunts.

The funniest part of all, post-debate, will be when the pollsters announce: “The head to head winner is… the chair.”

STAN Hogarth

Palmerston Place