Euro numbers

The CBI quoted research on Monday saying that our membership of the European Union is worth up to £78 billion, thus contributing £3,000 to every household in the country.

Could we please have just £2,500 delivered to each of our 26 million households in cash, and the saving of £13bn could be handed back to our financial authorities, and then everyone is a winner.

The UK can trade with any group of countries in a union without being part of it.

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Even now, with all the supposed advantages of being in the EU, we have an adverse balance of trade overall.

Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander says the report makes a compelling business case for the UK’s continued membership of the EU.

Labour’s Gareth Thomas, shadow Europe minister, agrees, and then cannot resist a dig at David Cameron, supposedly wanting us out of (what he calls) Europe.

We should remember that Prime Minister David Cameron does not want that.

However, the cold shoulder he was given at the December 2011 EU summit was because he went there specifically to lobby for the City of London’s financial dominance, which angered the Germans and the French.

The EU central banks at the end of that decided to pay an extra €200bn in loans to the IMF for bail-out funds “to contain sovereign debt contagion”.

Ask Greece, Ireland, Spain, 
Portugal, Italy and Cyprus et al if that has been a success or did they have their assets stripped in exchange.

Ronald Rankin