Extra powers will lead to a better future for Scotland

I DISLIKE Westminster government, particularly a Tory-led one, as much as most Scots do. And it is great to see such a clear commitment to social justice in a future Scotland emerging from the Yes side in the referendum debate.

But there are two big buts. First, social justice and friendship surely extend beyond our Scottish border, so let’s not steal the oil money and turn our backs (forever) on the people of Wales, Northern Ireland and the regions of England. Second, independence would carry enormous costs, disruption and risks, with the loss of jobs and livelihoods (and therefore tax revenues) meaning we couldn’t afford to pay for the improved social and welfare services we all want to see.

So independence would be selfish, reckless and irreversible – a nightmare combination.

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There is a simple solution. Enhanced powers are coming to our Scottish Parliament, quite sufficient to do what we want to do in Scotland if we use them properly. So let’s harness all the good things that have come out of the referendum debate, and lead the whole of the UK to a future where much less power rests with Westminster and much more is devolved to the countries and regions that make up the Union.

That is a positive and practical vision for our country, and one that genuinely offers the best of both worlds.

MG Williamson, Edinburgh