Fairlie naive

The purpose, I think, of Jim Fairlie’s astonishing letter (4 November) is a step towards some kind of clarification of what independence means.

This clarity will result from the publication of as many viewpoints as possible which diverge from the policies of the SNP.

In other words, we are to disregard what the SNP tells us about an independent Scotland!

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This is reminiscent of the assertion by Margo MacDonald at the SNP rally in Edinburgh when she said something along the lines of: “Never mind about Nato, or the EU or the euro. These issues will be decided after the referendum.”

Such statements confirm what many suspect: that, on issues which will be fundamental in determining voters’ decisions, what is being promised now has little bearing on what could be put in place in the unlikely event of a Scotland separated from the UK.

Blind faith is what seems to be being urged by Mr Fairlie on the grounds that independence is an inherently good thing and the Union is inherently bad.

As long as we have independence then never mind about details such as what currency we will have.

I wonder what effect it would have on voters if they woke up to find their income being paid to them in euros.

Colin Hamilton

Braid Hills Avenue