Feeble leadership

Former Labour First Minister Henry McLeish’s stout defence of Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont (your report, 5 November) is touching, if slightly misguided.

All he has actually done is confirm how powerless “Scottish Labour” is in Scotland.

It is also disingenuous of him to say that “under existing arrangements within Labour she doesn’t have the constitutional right to take charge of the problems” (in Falkirk).

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That may be so but Johann Lamont does have a duty to be involved in the process when she holds the post of Labour leader in Scotland.

Her complete lack of any involvement was unforgivable, given that it began as a Labour issue.

Mr McLeish’s angst over the “gifting” of more power from London to “Scottish Labour” is easily addressed: give us ­independence.

C Murphy

West Calder

West Lothian