Female shortlists

For those of us who loaned our vote to the SNP at last year’s referendum the lurch to the left under the party’s new leader rings all kinds of alarm bells.

That Ian O Bayne, who appears to be writing from within the organisation, has to write such a long letter (25 March) spelling out the absurdities of the “mandatory women-only shortlists” shows what a parallel loony-left universe his party has moved into.

Anyone looking at the make-up of the teams on TV’s University Challenge, for instance, sees the answer staring them in the face week after week.

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Some women do put the necessary hard work and dedication into getting on in business and politics, and they do get on.

However, whether the militant feminists like it or not, most women have other priorities, and no amount of fiddling and fixing the democratic process will change what happens in the real world to fit their twisted dream. Roll on 7 May.

Irvine Inglis