Funding folly

The letter from Professor Norman Bonney (14 March) notes the sums paid by the Scottish Government to various lobbies.

My reaction to this is to wonder why such bodies succeed in attracting such generous funding even though their work is of little relevance to me, as distinct from the Scots language, which is not only of great interest to me but, according to the latest Census, is spoken by more than one and a half million Scots.

The Scots writer and former academic Kenneth Fraser has made the point that, per speaker per annum, Gaelic in Scotland attracts £43; Scots in Northern Ireland £80; and Scots in Scotland 34p.

The Ministerial Working Committee prepared a report some time ago.

To quote Kenneth Fraser: “The Government soud nou blaw the stour aff it!”

Iain WD Forde

Main Street

Scotlandwell, Kinross-shire