Futile conflict

British troops in Afghanistan handed over to the Americans this week, so our “Vietnam” ends with a whimper amid a disturbing lack of interest from public or politicians.

It killed 448 troops and left some 7,000 soldiers maimed for life.

It cost the thick end of £40 billion.

It was our longest conflict in recent centuries – longer even than the Napoleonic War.

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Early on, Defence Secretary John Reid hoped our troops might soon return “without a shot being fired” – surely the most stupid words ever uttered by a man of high intelligence.

When my soldier son was in action, I would wear a yellow ribbon on my lapel.

While it was acknowledged by United States tourists in the street, locals were entirely indifferent.

Yet grieving forces families deserve to know how an hubristic prime minister could take us into a war which achieved absolutely nothing and proved the most futile in our entire history.

(DR) john cameron

Howard Place

St Andrews