Galloway’s no-go

Bradford West MP George Galloway derides any claim that “independence would deliver more left-wing policies”, let alone “a more Labourish country” (your report, 2 November).

Perhaps instead of prancing around in a catsuit on Celebrity Big Brother several years ago, George’s time would have been better spent studying the political voting habits of Scottish folk over the past 58 years, a period during which a narrow majority of Tory MPs has shrunk to a current total of one.

Furthermore, throughout most of that period Labour has been the party of choice north of the Border, a fact which the former member for Glasgow Hillhead glaringly omits to mention.

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Ergo, Scotland’s electorate as a whole has for decades now rejected the “Thatcherite-style economy” he gloomily forecasts for us post-independence.

At the very least, if enough folk vote Yes next September our great nation will have a chance to deliver more left-wing policies. That is a chance which will tragically continue to be 
denied us if we don’t opt for complete self-rule and the freedom to create our own kind of society to live in.

Korstiaan Allan



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