Goodwin’s paid

The relentless hounding of Fred Goodwin must stop (your reports). The notion, which seems to have become embedded in the collective public mind that he is solely responsible for the economic collapse is absurd and unjust. Many other individuals and companies are equally at fault, but they escape vilification.

Goodwin hit the heights and plumbed the depths. He has been flavour of the year and bum of the decade, but he has paid a heavy price. He has lost his job, he has few if any career prospects, he has lost his wife, his reputation and the ability to be seen in public without suffering abuse. Enough is enough. There comes a point at which those demanding vengeance appear more repulsive than their quarry, and that point is now.

The loss of Goodwin’s knighthood will not have put one penny piece into the pockets of those who have suffered as a result of his actions, although it may have given some vicarious satisfaction.

We are making ourselves look cheap and vindictive. Let it go.

Graham M McLeod