Held to account

The City regulator is fining RBS £15 million for 
persistently providing poor mortgage advice (your report, 27 August) to folk it once laughingly described as customers.

Or to, put it another way, because the UK taxpayer owns 80 per cent of the bank, the City regulator is fining us for the failings of the bank before we had to take it over.

If a certain ex-prime minister was still alive I’m sure he would have said of RBS: “Never in the field of financial mismanagement have so many been owed so much by so few.”

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If we do own the damned bank it’s time we had a mass 
cull of board, and upper and middle level management 
tiers before they lose whatever assets are still left … if any are, that is.

David Fiddimore

Calton Road

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