Highland hopes

Having recently returned from taking a walking group around Skye, I can confirm there 
were large numbers of foreign visitors.

Every other vehicle seemed to display a European plate and those I spoke to were enjoying the experience despite the poor weather and midges.

However, some seemed unaware of the problems they were causing to locals and visitors alike.

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In particular, the convoy of 16 Italian mobile homes I encountered on the narrow single track road from Dunvegan to Neist Point.

The small parking area at the road end was already full. Fortunately, I was on the road and pulled in to let them past but they must have caused mayhem as there was little space to park or turn and a queue of traffic behind them.

I spoke to a local who claimed that the year before there had been a convoy of 26.

The tourist season is quite short on Skye and all visitors are a welcome source of income to many local businesses despite the inconvenience caused by a few thoughtless groups.

I can only repeat S Beck’s 
comment (Letters, 11 August), encouraging people to head off to our Highlands and Islands. They are wonderful.

Paul Birrell

Laverock Park