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Tom Ballantine (Letters, 9 December) says 84 per cent of scientists believe in catastrophic global warming.

This seems an interestingly precise figure, though it is well down from the "99 per cent" or, indeed, "99.9 per cent" claimed previously by alarmists. I would be interested to see what evidence he has for this assertion. The largest single expression of opinion is the 31,000 scientists who have signed the Oregon Petition, saying rising is beneficial, so Mr Ballantine should be able to produce a petition showing 162,000 scientists saying the opposite.


Woodlands Road


Natural ninnies

I apologise to Jenny Fyall for doubting the accuracy of her reporting (Letters, 11 December). I understand now that her article was based, in good faith, on garbage information fed to her by Scottish Natural Heritage; it is they who are the culprits and it is they who should be responsible for justifying the absurdities of what they are presenting to the public as well as to Ms Fyall.

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It is time SNH concentrated on Scotland's natural heritage and stopped dabbling in issues which do not concern them and about which they clearly know nothing.


Easter Currie Place


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