Ian Lakin, (Letters, 17 September) in commenting on the economics of independence makes much of his assertion that an independent Scotland in the EEC would be immediately forced to adopt the Euro as its currency.

This is a myth which was peddled by the “Project Fear” campaign along with many other untruths.

There is no requirement for a new member to do so, and Denmark, Sweden, and Poland have been using their own currencies for many years as EEC members.

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Scotland may choose to use the Euro if it were advantageous, equally it may adopt a new currency or continue to use the pound, which, as it is an internationally traded currency, we would have every right to do.

Mr Lakin also claims, without any justification, that Scotland would have the highest deficit in the EEC. Strangely he does not mention that, at the end of 2014, the UK deficit, according to the Treasury’s own figures was 5.7%, (or £160 billion pounds), the worst in the EEC apart from Cyprus, and almost double the EEC average deficit.

Still, that is a UK deficit so no doubt that is a good thing as far as Mr Lakin is concerned.

James Duncan

Rattray Grove