Leave Janice alone

It BEGGARS belief that the Janice Forsyth Show is to be axed by BBC Radio Scotland, purportedly to give more “sports” coverage on Saturday mornings.

I am an avid fan of sport, particularly football, but the BBC does no service to sport in general or football in particular by subjecting radio audiences to arrogant rants and puerile gossip by overweight, middle-aged men sitting in studios, talking endlessly and often ignorantly about football, football and more football.

It might be understandable if we excelled at football on the international stage, but part of the reason for our poor performance might be that we have become a nation of couch potatoes, preferring to listen or spectate rather than participate in sport.

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Other sports do not receive the media coverage they deserve. Even athletics in Scotland is treated as a minority sport by the BBC. With the Olympics and Commonwealth Games coming up, the BBC should live up to the obligation in its charter to serve the public interest. It has a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to contribute to the legacy of the both Games by giving fairer coverage to all sports and encouraging more people to participate. In the meantime, leave Janice alone.

Dennis Canavan