Letter: Marital strife

FURTHER to my plea for a proper, reasoned debate on the issue of redefining marriage, is there any reason why the sick and twisted self-publicists of a tiny American cult should be given three-quarters of a page publicity in The Scotsman?

I am a Bible believing Christian and I regard the self-styled Westboro Baptists as being an evil cult who have nothing to do with biblical Christianity. I do not know of a single church in Scotland which wants them to come. The only people who will welcome them are those who, in pushing the gay marriage agenda, want to demonise their opponents as being Westboro-type homophobic hate mongers. Why give this handful of unbalanced people the oxygen of publicity they so crave?

In the same vein, it was astonishing to read Graeme Jackson's definition of marriage (Letters, 6 August) as being invented to "legitimise the sale of a woman into another family or tribe". What evidence does he have for this astonishing reinterpretation of history? If the consultation is to be conducted at this juvenile level, then I fear for Scotland's future.


Solas Centre for Public Christianity

St Peter's Free Church

StPeter Street, Dundee