MPs’ warnings are laughable

WE HAVE been subjected to successive visits from Osborne, Hammond, Cable and now May – Cabinet ministers lecturing us on the dangers (financial, military and security) facing an independent Scotland. They have also tried to persuade us that the possession of substantial oil resources is a liability, rather than an advantage.

The latest tirade from Theresa May is a little too rich. This is the Home Secretary who 
sat on her hands, like a constipated teddy bear, gazing helplessly at the street riots in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham and elsewhere in England.

Osborne and Cable struggle ineffectively with a growing deficit approaching £1,600 
billion; Hammond presides over a Royal Navy which failed to see off a couple of Icelandic gunboats and May shares 
information with an “ally” 
that happily hacked into the telephone conversations of 
the leaders of Germany and France.

Joseph G Miller, Dunfermline