Names remain

I should like to correct a ­misunderstanding in your report, “Building Diversity at a University” (2 March). Writing that Glasgow academic building names are to reflect more than just “dead white men” shows clearly that your reporter is under the misapprehension that the University of Glasgow plans to rename some of its ­existing buildings named for ­famous people associated with the ­University.

That is categorically not the case and never has been the case. We are very proud of the distinguished scholars and alumni who have lent their names to many buildings across the campus and will continue to honour their legacy. The University is, however, looking at naming more of its future campus developments to reflect the wide and diverse character of the people who have contributed to the University through the years.

We are still very much at the beginning stages of this process and we are not yet in a position to confirm any more details.

(Prof) Neal Juster

Senior Vice Principal and Deputy Vice Chancellor 
University of Glasgow