Power struggle

Steuart Campbell (Letters, 18 April) seems hell-bent on
misrepresenting my position on the costs of decommissioning nuclear power stations.

At no point have I said that the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) is responsible for decommissioning privately run nuclear power stations.

Another contributor to The Scotsman claimed that the funds held by the Nuclear Liabilities Fund would cover all the costs of decommissioning.

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I merely pointed out that £8.8 billion would not cover the costs of decommissioning power stations which the NDA
estimates at £56bn.

Mr Campbell chooses
pedantry in attempting to claim that levies on the consumer are not taxation but finally concedes that decommissioning of civil nuclear sites will have to be paid for by the state.

Will he now concede that the state obtains its income from the taxpayer?

Douglas Turner

Derby Street