Selfish parkers

I was interested to read Alistair Dalton’s article “Race to tackle pavement parkers” (5 March), as I have been pestering Sandra White MSP for a long time now to find out when this legislation is likely to be enacted. I first took a real interest in the subject in 1985 when I was seriously brain injured in a road traffic collision. The effects of this were both neurological (perceptive) and physical (co-ordination, ­balance and eyesight). On one ­occasion, when I was living with my mother immediately after discharge from hospital, my brother took me to Glasgow using a wheelchair. On the return journey between the rail station and my mother’s house – along an unlit trunk road – we encountered several cars parked partially on the footway.

One person could have walked past them, but there was not enough room for a wheelchair. The only option, therefore, was for my brother to push the chair onto the dark road in the face of oncoming traffic. I still pass the same spot and often see cars parked not partially, but entirely on the footway, blocking it completely. I have reported this site (along with others in my town) to the police, only to be met with what seems to be indifference.

I look forward to the day when motorists are being prosecuted for unthinking behaviour. A few hefty fines may focus their minds on those less fortunate than themselves.

 Barry Lees

Denholm Street