Stamp out bullies

Your article. “Bullying traumas ‘can last 40 years’” (18 April), tells us that the victims continue to suffer, but I’d suggest that society itself continues to suffer because the bullying culture learnt in formative years carries on into the workplace.

Bullies in too many schools will find they can get away with it if they’re cautious, inventive and prepared to give a show of contrition.

They then go on to work in places where people are hounded for whistleblowing.

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Is there bullying going on in a school? Ask the children, staff and parents frequently – allow them to give answers anonymously and be prepared to be shocked.

There can be zero tolerance of any form of bullying in any school, but it takes more than lip service.

Possibly every school has signed up to becoming a ­bully-free zone, but how many headteachers make it a priority?

It takes time and organisation to ensure that each bullying incident, no matter how seemingly trivial, is investigated and ­followed up.

You have to really care to be able to find the time to do that.

Roger Meachem

High Street