The real Salmond

Further to Bill Jamieson’s 
article (Perspective, 7 August), it is the media that has characterised Alex Salmond as a kind of large demon, a huge egotist, a quasi-regal figure, all conquering and with local omnipotence.

He has therefore been portrayed as an object of fear and loathing by those who disagree with him politically.

Alex Salmond is actually the little guy struggling against disproportionate odds, the strength of the UK establishment, the Westminster government, as well as the respective demography of the constituent parts of the UK. He also has to counter significant opposition in Scotland from our own social establishment, from finance and business interests, and all with no help from the Christian churches.

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He must, of course, contend democratically with Scottish political figures working against him both in Scotland and at Westminster, especially those of the Labour Party with whose broad historical political philosophy he is in agreement.

(Rev Dr) Robert 

Blackburn & 
Seafield Church

MacDonald Gardens