Who is to blame?

Maria Fyfe’s carping criticism of the UK Government economic strategy (Letters, 26 August) is absurd in view of the fact that its growth forecast of 2.6 per cent is far and away the best in Europe.

As for damaging public funds, it was not “Tory austerity” but “SNP incompetence” which led to the shameful suspension of the EU’s £46 million meant for our most deprived citizens.

After eight years, the SNP government’s dismal record in our schools is plain for all to see and – according to its own statistics –standards of literacy and numeracy are still falling.

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Fewer children study key subjects such as science and foreign languages while the gap between state and private education, narrowing down south, has widened in Scotland.

Its mishandling of the devolved issues it already has, such as health, education and the police, makes an SNP takeover of taxation and other fiscal matters a truly alarming prospect.

(Dr) John Cameron

Howard Place

St Andrews