Worrying state

Several things have occurred during the current term of the Scottish Government which give cause for serious concern. I am referring to the centralisation of the Police Force, Fire Brigade, the named person policy for youngsters up to 18 years old and the recent proposed policy to allow about 30 semi-public bodies access to everyone’s details on the National Health database.

Collectively, they are in effect, a form of creeping state control, almost reminiscent of what happened in Russia during the regime of Stalin, although Police Scotland appear to have difficulty in accepting that they report to Parliament. Yes, this does seem far-fetched, but who, a few years ago, would have believed that the named person policy would have been voted through Parliament so readily? It has already been referred to, somewhat appropriately, as the spy on the family by Dr Cartwright (Letters, 5 March)

I hope I am wrong, but it is difficult to view these government policies in any other way.

(Dr) Gordon 

Dargai Terrace