Young voters

At LAST the SNP’s cunning wheeze of allowing people aged 16 and 17 to vote in the independence referendum comes nearer to appearing on the ­statute books.

It would be a disgrace if Scotland ever became independent on the back of the votes of patriotic but politically naive youngsters, but that is no import whatsoever to the SNP whose only desire is to break up the UK at all costs.

However, in light of the series of shocking revelations starting with the news that there never was any legal advice sought 
on EU membership and ending (so far) with the latest news 
that Scotland’s financial future would be very shaky indeed (and this is without the 
question of the pound, the 
role of the Queen, Nato, pensions, the real cost of renewable energy and so on) it may be the only chance the ­Nationalists have.

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The truth is that nothing the SNP says or does now in relation to the independence debate can be trusted and has permanently eroded much of the adult support it may have had, so enlisting a young, malleable and inexperienced audience is the only real chance it has.

Brian Allan