Youth support

I warmly welcome the funding announcement from the Scottish Government this week as it’s a positive step forward in helping support Scotland’s unemployed youth prepare for the world of work and getting jobs.

While it’s great to see the government continue to offer assistance in strengthening links amongst schools, colleges and employers, it’s also important to recognise the impact the youth work sector can have on helping young people get ready for employment and the need for additional support in this area also.

Formal volunteering opportunities can play an important role in getting young people used to the working world in terms of developing their time management, communication and leadership skills.

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The Boys’ Brigade and other similar youth work providers are committed to providing learning experiences for all young people which can provide them with transferable skills they can take into the work place.

Through structured activity programmes and non-formal learning awards like our Queen’s Badge Award or the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme, organisations such as ours offer stable and continual support to young people of all ages, helping to arm them with the necessary life experience to succeed in whatever field they choose.

I believe that our engagement with Scotland’s youth works well alongside the support they receive in school or college.

In order to maintain this balance, it’s important the voluntary sector receives extra assistance, where possible.

It is my hope that the Scottish Government is able to take into account the role youth organisations can play in the future of Scotland’s employment issues and continues to support the sector accordingly.

Bill Stevenson


The Boys’ Brigade