Doctor who? Newcomer divides programme's fans

THE unveiling of the new Doctor received a mixed reaction from fans of Doctor Who yesterday, after nearly seven million people tuned in to learn who is taking over the role.

Matt Smith was revealed as the next star of the show during a special episode of Doctor Who Confidential, making him, at 26, the youngest actor to play the part.

But opinions on the BBC's choice for the Doctor were divided, with some branding the decision "brilliant" while others simply declared: "He looks like Frankenstein."

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Several fans discussing the appointment on internet forum expressed disappointment that the little-known actor had been chosen to replace David Tennant.

One wrote: "Who can take this guy seriously in an Earth-shattering crisis? I couldn't – it would be a joke."

Some fans voiced concerns about his age and lack of experience.

But others were more supportive and urged sceptics to give him a chance – he will not appear in the role until 2010. One fan said: "What an inspired bit of casting! Matt Smith is a brilliant up-and-coming actor, just starting to really get noticed in the industry."

Smith has appeared in Alan Bennett's play The History Boys at the National Theatre in London, as well as several other roles on stage and television.

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