Parents in Aberdeenshire urged to seek help with employment

A new campaign will encourage families living on a low income to access local support with finances and work.
Social Justice Secretary Shona Robison launches new Parent Club campaignSocial Justice Secretary Shona Robison launches new Parent Club campaign
Social Justice Secretary Shona Robison launches new Parent Club campaign

It encourages people to take the first step towards relieving these pressures with help from the Parent Club website.

This can guide them towards tailored support to help them improve their situation by starting work after unemployment, returning to work or improving earnings.

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The campaign which includes TV, radio and online advertising, highlights the pressures of everyday life and shows parents feeling the ‘walls closing in’ on them as they juggle family life with bills and other costs.

Cllr John Crawley, chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee, said: "We know that many families in Aberdeenshire are finding it hard to make ends meet at the moment and are looking for advice on things like finding work and applying for benefits.

"Taking the first step at can help find services that offer free, confidential and tailored advice that can really make a difference for families across Scotland.

"For anyone that's feeling worried, stressed and overwhelmed, but aren't sure where to start, please know you're not alone and that help is available."

Social Justice Secretary Shona Robison said:

“We understand the anxiety and stress, that low-income families could be living with and the impact of the cost-of-living crisis is likely to be making even worse.

“Parent Club can guide people to free and confidential tailored advice from local authority employment services, where they can access support relevant to their own work and family situation.

“It also offers information on how to get help from the Money Talk Team who can advise on areas such as maximising income and dealing with debt.

" Parent Club also provides sources of support with mental health and stress.

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“Tackling child poverty is our national mission. We want to make sure parents know what help is out there and claim any support they should be getting.”

Citizens Advice Scotland CEO Derek Mitchell said: “When times are difficult it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by bills mounting up - but our advice is free, confidential, and impartial.

“The Citizens Advice network is working with the Scottish Government to deliver the Money Talk Team service. We can check to see what payments you might be missing out on or any cheaper deals are available to you. If you are struggling with debt we can help with that too.

“Don’t delay, you could be missing out on money that could make a huge difference to you and your family’s finances.”

The campaign website provides a one-stop route to help from local authority employability schemes.

It also highlights help offered through Citizens Advice Scotland’s Money Talk Team, including support to ensure parents are claiming all the benefits and one-off payments they may be entitled to.