What happened to Louise Thompson? What Made in Chelsea star said about giving birth and extended hospital stay

The Made in Chelsea star ended up in the intensive care unit after giving birth to son Leo-Hunter

<p>Louise Thompson revealed that giving birth to newborn son Leo-Hunter did not get off to an easy start (Photo: Instagram/@louise.thompson)</p>

Louise Thompson revealed that giving birth to newborn son Leo-Hunter did not get off to an easy start (Photo: Instagram/@louise.thompson)

Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson revealed on Instagram that giving birth to her son did get off to the easiest start for either of them, with “one ended up in the NICU and the other ended up in the ICU”.

Following an extended stay in the hospital, Thompson issued a heartfelt tribute to her fiancé Ryan Libbey, who she said was her “rock”.

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What happened?

In an Instagram post shared shortly before Christmas, Thompson revealed that she had suffered from “various serious complications” giving birth to her son, Leo-Hunter.

She wrote: “This post isn’t an easy one for me to write. I have so many things that I want to say but at the same time I’m struggling to find the words to explain what has happened to me and my family so for now I will keep it quite simple.

“The reason I have been absent for weeks is because I have been very unwell.

“Five weeks ago I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy Leo-Hunter Libbey weighing in at 7lbs. Unfortunately it wasn’t the easiest start for either of us. One ended up in the NICU and the other ended up in the ICU.

“Whilst Leo made a fairly quick recovery, I have been in hospital for a month with various serious complications.

“In all honesty, I never imagined that so many bad things could happen to me, but to dance with death twice brings a whole new view of the world - a stark reminder of how short and sacred life really is.”

Thompson added that she was in “a bit of a strange place mentally and physically” but she has been offered “some very valuable psychological help”.

She ended the post by announcing that she had been given the green light to be discharged from hospital.

What did she say about fiancé Ryan Libbey?

In a lengthy Instagram post outlining what happened after giving birth to their son, Thompson wrote that fiancé Ryan Libbey had “had to witness things that no partner should ever have to”.

She wrote: “2021 has been the hardest year of my life by miles. And I really mean that. MILES.

“But there is someone in my life who will have found it equally as hard. This guy.

“He had had to witness things no partner should ever have to. He has called ambulances. He has had to bring up our son as a single parent for the first month+ of his life.

“He has slept on the hard floor of the hospital for a week. (I didn’t realise that he would sneak off to the chapel in the middle of the night to pray)... and that’s before things even got bad.

“He had to come home and organise the entire house whilst looking after a newborn because it was still pretty much a building site. He has coordinated my whole family so that they could come and visit me and minimise the stress.

“He has had to look after me and the baby for the first few weeks of me arriving home because I haven’t been able to look after myself.”

She wrote that Libbey took on responsibilities like showering and washing her hair, changing her sanitary towels, cooking for her, cleaning the house, drove her on the daily to the ambulatory care department and more.

Thompson continued: “He never complains. And he’s still doing the LION’S share of the work between the two of us. Ryan I commend you. I don’t know many men who would be able to handle this situation with such grace and fortitude.

“You are my rock and I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through. 2022 better be our year!! I will do my best to be strong for you two.”

What did brother Sam Thompson say?

Thompson’s brother Sam, and fellow Made in Chelsea star, opened up about how much her recent experiences had impacted him.

In a new Instagram post, Sam said that “nearly losing my sister was one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to deal with”.

He wrote: “The hardest situations teach the biggest lessons, and I learnt to never take any day for granted ever again.

“To see all the pain she has suffered, and all the setbacks she has faced, and to see her still smiling at the end of it just shows how incredible of a woman she is.

“Just to see you put on a dress for the first time in months is everything I could have asked for and more.

“I am so grateful for you and your strength @louise.thompson and I promise 2022 will be your year!!”

Thompson commented on her brother’s post, writing: “Bless you, bless my whole family. Sorry for the perpetual turmoil, hopefully I’ll be back to the old Louise soon.”

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