Police adopt scheme to help parents identify sex offenders

A SCHEME that gives concerned parents a chance to find out whether a sex offender has access to their children has been launched by two more police forces.

Under the scheme, parents and guardians or carers who suspect an individual may have inappropriate contact with a child aged under 18, or have previous convictions for sexual offences against children, can apply to the police to have checks carried out.

After background checks, if it is deemed appropriate, information may be disclosed to the child's parent or guardian so they can ban any future contact.

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If there is an ongoing or imminent risk, or an indication that crime has been committed against the child, then immediate protective measures will be taken.

The community disclosure scheme is due to be rolled out by Grampian Police and Northern Constabulary today.

It is being brought in by forces around the country following a successful pilot scheme in Tayside.

Chief Constable Colin McKerracher, of Grampian Police, said: "This scheme builds on existing procedures and will provide an access route for the public to raise child protection concerns."