Labour demand details of security concerns over 'leaky' Suella Braverman

Rishi Sunak has been urged to release details of the security concerns related to home secretary Suella Braverman.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper questioned the appointment of Ms Braverman, pointing out even Tory MPs called her “leaky”.

In a Labour-led debate on Tuesday, Ms Cooper urged the Government to release the documents and claimed “dodgy political deals” have led people unfit for high office to serve in the Cabinet,

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She told the Commons: “This is an exceptional situation and it is why we have laid this humble address, because if the Prime Minister does have confidence in the home secretary not to be careless with public safety or with issues around security, then he should release the facts.

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper called for the documents to be released.Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper called for the documents to be released.
Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper called for the documents to be released.

“What other security lapses by the home secretary was the Prime Minister informed about before he reappointed her? Did he ask whether there had been other lapses within the Home Office or as attorney general before he reappointed her?

“What information was he given about the other reported leak inquiries and whether she might have had a role in them? Was he advised against reappointing the home secretary on security and standards grounds?

“If the advice and the information he was given was all fine, then tell us, show us. And if it wasn’t, start explaining why the security and public safety of our country is put in careless hands.”

Ms Cooper also raised concerns over the suitability of Gavin Williamson amid reports of his abusive messages, and claimed Mr Sunak was no better than former PM Boris Johnson.

She said: “The Prime Minister promised us that this would be a break from his predecessors, from the favour-for-mates culture of the Member for Uxbridge, from the chaos of the Member for South West Norfolk [Liz Truss], and instead the opposite has happened.

“We have people appointed to senior jobs in the Cabinet, running the country not because they can do the job, nor because they will maintain the high standards and security that the Government needs, but because of dodgy political deals.”

The Labour shadow cabinet member added: “If this is all nonsense, then show us. Support the motion, show us that there isn’t a problem, show us that the Prime Minister does take this incredibly seriously, has asked the right questions, has got the right reassurance.”



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