Police Scotland urges stalking victims to report crime online

A new form which enables stalking victims to report incidences of the crime online has been launched.
The force hopes new online form will encourage reporting. Picture: Robert PerryThe force hopes new online form will encourage reporting. Picture: Robert Perry
The force hopes new online form will encourage reporting. Picture: Robert Perry

Police Scotland hopes it will encourage people who may be unable to go to a police station, or be hesitant about going, to report their concerns and experiences to officers.

It also enables third parties, including family, friends or work colleagues, to contact police on the victim’s behalf.

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Completing the form will ensure that a police inquiry is launched to fully investigate the circumstances of the allegation.

Senior officers said they hoped the service would boost support for stalking victims.

Deputy Chief Constable Johnny Gwynne said: “Stalking is a serious and often terrifying form of abuse as well as a potentially dangerous crime. Police Scotland officers are trained to ensure vulnerable individuals are treated in a considerate and professional manner.

“We are committed to exploring new ways to support victims of stalking. The development of this form is part of that commitment and enables victims from all communities to report abuse.

“We hope this will make police more accessible to people who many not wish to, or may not be able to, visit a police station in person, in the first instance.”

He added: “Police Scotland is committed to providing a robust response to stalking, to supporting victims, their families and friends, and using the full force of the law and all means available to us to pursue perpetrators.”

The new form has been supported by charities including Action Against Stalking.

Ann Moulds, its founder and chief executive, said: “The early identification of stalking cases is critical to victim safety and to prevent the behaviours from escalating to more serious harm.

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“While many early stalking cases do come to the attention of the police, triggering an affirmative response, victims can often feel reluctant to phone their local police station in the early stages for fear they may not be believed, or purely because they are unsure how to report it.

“Not only should the online stalking form make it easier for victims to take that first step in asking for help, the fact it exists delivers a strong message that Police Scotland is reaching out to victims of stalking to encourage them to come forward.”