Scottish independence round-up: Polls | Comment | Video

CATCH up on the day in the Scottish independence debate, with this round-up of stories, features and opinion pieces featured on our dedicated referendum microsite.
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Picture: HeMedia


Three new polls have been released today - an ICM poll for the Scotsman shows the ‘No’ campaign holding a 52-48 lead, as does a Panelbase survey released this afternoon.

IPSOS Mori’s latest polling shows the ‘No’ camp in the lead, but by just two points. The STV poll gives the pro-union campaign a 51-49 advantage.

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It is important to remember that the polls could well be wrong - the BBC’s Jamie Ross looks at that possibility in this feature.


Every day we highlight some of the most interesting and talked-about articles on the Scottish independence referendum - here are some of today’s best pieces, as featured on our Indyref microsite.

David Clark, a former adviser to Robin Cook, writes that Scotland should reject the chance to add its small voice to the “babble of the global village” and instead take advantage of its place with a strong multinational state.

Professor Paul Cairney of Stirling University looks at this week’s “vow” by the main UK party leaders to retain the Barnett formula for increasing public funding in Scotland.

Buzzfeed look at nine ways in which UK and Scottish history, politics and economics could change in the event of Scottish independence.

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Alex Massie reflects on the Scottish independence referendum campaign ahead of tomorrow’s vote, considers the sacrifices made by some to help their respective campaigns, and dismisses claims that the vote has unduly divided the country.

Peter Geoghegan visits the Western Isles ahead of the independence referendum vote, and finds uncertainty over whether the rural communities are truly represented by either Westminster or London.

Tim Thompson, professor of Communication Studies at Edinboro University in the USA, offers a transatlantic perspective on the Scottish independence referendum.

Alistair Clark, Senior Lecturer in Politics at Newcastle University, assesses the likelihood of the north-east of England joining an independent Scotland.


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Join Scotland on Sunday columnist and Yes supporter Andrew Wilson and Better Together activist Sam Ghibaldan for a debate on the Scottish independence referendum.

Comedian John Oliver analyses the Scottish independence referendum debate in this clip from his HBO show ‘Last Week Tonight’. Watch it on the microsite by clicking the link.