Sturgeon attacks Lib Dems in battleground seat

Nicola Sturgeon today took the election fight to the Liberal Democrats in a key battleground seat, accusing the party of a "betrayal" of Scots pensioners.
Nicola Sturgeon says the Lib Dems did Tory "dirty work"Nicola Sturgeon says the Lib Dems did Tory "dirty work"
Nicola Sturgeon says the Lib Dems did Tory "dirty work"

The First Minister was campaigning in the East Dunbartonshire constituency where the SNP's John Nicolson is likely to face a strong challenge from the Liberal Democrats' Jo Swinson after a narrow majority of 2,000 separated the pair in the 2015 election.

Ms Swinson was business minister in the last Tory-Lib Dem Coalition Government, but this record came under fire from Ms Sturgeon who was on the stump with her candidate in the area today.

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The SNP leader claimed the Lib Dems had a history of doing “all of the Tories’ dirty work” – including implementing draconian changes to women’s pensions – and only the SNP could be trusted to stand up for pensioners.

Ms Sturgeon said: “Now more than ever, Scotland needs a strong SNP voice at Westminster to stop the Tories from having a free hand.

“The last time voters put their trust in the Lib Dems, they let the Tories into power and slashed Scotland’s budget, broke their promises on tuition fees and implemented cuts to pensions which are still being felt today.

“The Lib Dems did all the Tories’ dirty work slashing the pensions of millions of women. It was a Lib Dem Pensions Minister who drove through these changes, and unbelievably he later tried to blame civil servants for giving him poor advice – but they must take their share of the blame."

The First Minister pointed to rise in pensioner poverty across the UK and claimed pensions would face a renewed threat from the Tories.

“The Tories are clearly going to win this election UK-wide, and the question is which party will stop the Tories betraying pensioners once again," she said.