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The Prime Minister said he took full responsibility for the results as local Tories blamed public anger over Downing Street lockdown parties

Boris Johnson said the Conservative Party endured a “tough night” as Labour made historic gains in London and the Liberal Democrats enjoyed a strong performance.

The Prime Minister said he took full responsibility for the results as local Tories blamed public anger over Downing Street lockdown parties for the losses.

Sir Keir Starmer hailed a “turning point” for Labour but it was a mixed set of results for the party.

Labour gained three councils in London - Wandsworth, Barnet and Westminster - with the latter having been controlled by the Conservatives since it was first created in 1964.

The party also won control of Southampton, Worthing and the new Cumberland authority which will replace Carlisle City Council.

However, they also lost control of Hull to the Liberal Democrats, failed to retake full control of Sheffield City Council and in Hartlepool, where the party hoped to make a comeback, the Tories gained two seats.

Despite Labour picking up historical seats in London, the party lost control of Harrow council to the Conservatives.

Sir Keir was also later hit by the news that Durham Police will investigate whether he breached lockdown rules last year.

The U-turn follows mounting pressure on the force to re-examine the allegations after footage emerged of the Labour leader drinking a beer with reportedly up to 30 colleagues at a constituency office in Durham in April 2021 during campaigning for the Hartlepool by-election.

Key results in the local elections:

  • Labour gained Westminster, Wandsworth and Barnet in London
  • Labour held on to control of Sunderland - a council it has run since 1973
  • Labour also won a comfortable majority in the newly created authority of Cumberland
  • Two gains were enough for Labour to win a slim majority in Rossendale in Lancashire
  • Labour claimed victory in West Dunbartonshire after making four gains
  • Labour won control of one of its top targets, Southampton, from the Conservatives
  • The Conservatives kept control of Nuneaton & Bedworth and took another seat from Labour
  • The Conservatives lost control of both Worcester and Tunbridge Wells to no overall control
  • The Liberal Democrats claimed a majority in Hull, dislodging Labour

Speaking to broadcasters during a visit to a school in his Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency, Mr Johnson said it had been a “mixed set of results” for the Tories.

“It is mid-term,” he said.

“We had a tough night in some parts of the country but on the other hand in other parts of the country you are still seeing Conservatives going forward and making quite remarkable gains in places that haven’t voted Conservative for a long time, if ever.”

However David Simmonds, the Tory MP for neighbouring Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner, said the issue of lockdown rule-breaking in Downing Street had kept coming up on the doorstep.

“He (Mr Johnson) needs to find a way to restore confidence in the Government and I think there’s a number of ways he might do that,” he told the PA news agency.

“A change of leader would be one of them. Alternatively he needs to demonstrate what the alternative plan would be.”

Here are the latest updates from the Local Elections 2022:

Local election results live

Last updated: Friday, 06 May, 2022, 20:06

PM: Results show voters want government to ‘focus on the big issues that matter to them'

Boris Johnson has said voters in local council elections have sent a “message” to ministers to concentrate on the issues that matter to them.

“The big lesson from this is that this is a message from voters that what they want us to do above all – one, two and three – is focus on the big issues that matter to them, taking the country forward, making sure we fix the post-Covid aftershock, get us all through the economic aftershocks in the way we got through Covid, fix the energy supply issues, that’s where the inflationary spike is coming, and keep going with our agenda of high wage, high skill jobs,” he said.

Speaking to reporters during a visit to a school in his Uxbridge and south Ruislip constituency, he added: “That is what we are focused on.”

Lib Dem leader celebrates party’s ‘big gains’ in local elections

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey celebrated his party’s “big gains” in the local elections which he said were due to voters seeking an alternative to the Conservatives amid cost-of-living concerns.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme:

“We’re making big gains from the Conservatives, gains that I think we can turn into seats in the next election…

“I said that people could use their vote to send a message to Boris Johnson that he’s not providing the leadership on the cost-of-living emergency, which is really the issue on the doorsteps that I found, and I think the real situation here is the economy is in a real mess, the Conservatives have failed to provide that leadership and people are turning to the Liberal Democrats for an alternative party.

“The dissatisfaction amongst lifelong Conservatives with the Prime Minister was really palpable, they don’t think he’s a decent man”.

Counting has started in Scotland’s council elections

Counting has started in Scotland’s council elections, with the first results expected within hours.

Unlike in some places in the rest of the UK where votes were counted overnight, ballots are being tallied up in Scotland throughout Friday and the final results are due to be announced in the early evening.

Results in England have so far been positive for Labour, with the party increasing its number of seats by 34 – while the Tories dropped 122.

Starmer says Labour is ‘back on track'

Sir Keir Starmer described the party’s gains in Barnet as “fantastic” and has said the party is “back on track”.

Sir Keir said: “This is a big turning point for us. From the depths of 2019 in that general election, back on track, winning in the north. Cumberland! Southampton! We’ve changed Labour and now we’re seeing the results of that.”

He added: “What brilliant teams we’ve got, all the fantastic work we’ve put in.

“When it comes to London, you can hardly believe those names come off our lips. Wandsworth! They’ve been saying for years ‘You’ll never take Wandsworth from us.’ We’ve just done it! Westminster! It’s an astonishing result.”

Starmer: Results have ‘sent a message to the PM that Britain deserves better'

Sir Keir Starmer was welcomed by a cheering crowd of supporters as he arrived in Barnet on Friday morning.

Labour leader Keir Starmer speaks to supporters outside StoneX Stadium in Barnet, London (PA)

The Labour leader shouted the names of councils the party had gained overnight in the local elections, including Barnet, Wandsworth and Westminster, with each one being applauded.

Sir Keir said the results “sent a message to the Prime Minister that Britain deserves better” as he thanked the Labour team in Barnet for its efforts.

Timetable of key results and events in the local elections 2022

Here is a guide on when to expect the key local election results and events:

Around 9am: Counting begins for a further 71 councils in England and all councils in Scotland and Wales.

From 12pm: Results likely to resume in England - key seats to watch out for include:

  • Conservative-controlled Solihull, where the Green Party is hoping to make gains
  • Labour is hoping to do likewise in Tory-run Walsall
  • First results are due in Scotland
  • Mayoral election results in Hackney, Lewisham, Newham and Watford

From 2pm: Two key councils in West Sussex are due to declare:

  • Worthing, a top Labour target
  • Crawley, where both the Tories and Labour are hoping to gain control

The Liberal Democrats could make gains in West Oxfordshire. East Renfrewshire is a three-way battle between the Conservatives, Labour and the SNP. First results are due from Wales.

From 3pm: Another key Conservative-Labour battleground, Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire, is due to finish counting. In Wales, Labour is looking to take control of Blaenau Gwent from a group of independents, while Flintshire is a test of Tory popularity in an area in which they did well at the 2019 general election. Aberdeenshire will be a measure of Conservative support in Scotland, while all parties hope to pick up seats in Edinburgh.

From 4pm: The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are fighting for control of the new unitary authority in Somerset. In Glasgow, the SNP is looking to hold off any sign of a Labour resurgence. The Lib Dems hope to strengthen control of St Albans and the Tories want to keep control of Pendle in Lancashire. The result of the South Yorkshire mayoral election is also due.

From 5pm: The Liberal Democrats hope to cause an upset in Tory-run Gosport in Hampshire. Labour is defending a slim majority in Cardiff. The result in Labour-run Wakefield could offer clues to the outcome of the expected parliamentary by-election in the city later this year. Tower Hamlets in London is due to declare the result of its mayoral election. Renfrewshire is the last result due from Scotland.

Friday evening: North Hertfordshire could see both Labour and the Lib Dems gaining from the Conservatives. Labour is hoping to improve its majority in Bury in Greater Manchester. Vale of Glamorgan is the final result due from Wales. In London, the Croydon mayoral result is expected.

Saturday May 7, around 9am: Counting continues for the council election in Tower Hamlets in London.

Around 5pm: Final result due from Tower Hamlets.

Local election results in London ‘catastrophic’ for the Tories

Theresa May’s former chief of staff Lord Barwell said the local election results were “catastrophic” in London and should be a “wake-up call”.

Tories: ‘Results consistent with what you’d expect with us from mid-term’

Reacting to the local election results so far, Conservative Party chairman Oliver Dowden told Sky News:

“I think looking at the picture of the results so far, they demonstrate that whilst there have been difficult results, they are consistent with what you’d expect with us from mid-term.

“Labour are certainly not on the path to power and I believe that Boris Johnson does have the leadership skills, in particular the energy and the dynamism that we need during this difficult period of time.

“So no, I don’t think we should remove Boris Johnson as our prime minister, I think we should stick with him.

“There have been challenging headlines for the past few months, but I do think that set against all of that, those sort of challenges that you would expect after 12 years in office, these are challenging results, but we have have made progress in lots of places.”

Key local election results so far


Labour won a comfortable majority in the newly-created authority of Cumberland, which covers the former districts of Allerdale, Carlisle and Copeland in Cumbria - all areas represented by Conservative MPs.


Labour hoped to close the gap on the Conservatives in Derby, where the council has been in no overall control since 2018. But while the party has made three gains, it is still behind the Tories.


The Liberal Democrats have gained a majority here after dislodging Labour who has run the council since 2011.

Nuneaton & Bedworth

Labour saw its majority disappear in 2018 and lost more councillors in 2021, with the Tories taking overall control. This year, Labour lost another seat to the Tories.


This was another top Labour target and the party has succeeded in winning control back from the Conservatives, though it has a slim majority on the new council of just four seats.


A poor performance from Labour might have seen the party lose overall control at Sunderland - but it kept its majority and lost one seat to the Liberal Democrats.


Wandsworth is a long-standing Labour target in London and this year the party has finally won power from the Conservatives, who had been in control of the council since 1978.


Labour has won Westminster for the first time since its creation in 1964.

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