Rock legends' gear stuck in wrecked club

THE Sensational Alex Harvey Band have revealed all their quipment is still trapped in the Capital's fire-damaged Liquid Room.

Fans of the 1970s rock band were quickly evacuated from the Victoria Street music venue two weeks ago when a blaze broke out at the neighbouring Khushi's Indian restaurant.

And although the group managed to flee the stage clutching their guitars – many of them emotionally "priceless" – the rest of their possessions had to be left behind as the fire alarm sounded and smoke began to fill the venue.

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The band have not been allowed to go near the club since the fire broke out and destroyed much of the venue, Khushi's and the neighbouring Irish-theme bar Finnegan's Wake, and they have no clue as to what state their equipment – including a custom-made drum kit worth in excess of 10,000 – will be in as a result of the flames, smoke and water from the blaze.

Manager John Morrison said: "From what I understand, it may not be as bad as we had first thought, but really there is no way of telling for sure.

"Originally we had thought the entire lighting rig had fallen on the stage, but apparently it didn't."

The group hopes the council will deem the building safe enough for entry at the beginning of next week so they can attempt to salvage their possessions.

And they also have plans to headline at the Liquid Room when it eventually reopens once refurbishment work is complete in about a year's time.

They hope to deliver for their fans who missed on what was to be the first of two rare appearances for the rockers in the Capital – finishing what they were prevented from actually starting.

Mr Morrison said: "You can try to burn our gear, but you will never get rid of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band that quickly.

"We would love to play at a re-opening night and we're sure the club won't mind. We were the last act, and hopefully we can be the first."

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Not all fans of the band missed out on a performance on the weekend of the fire as staff at Studio 24, on Calton Road, accommodated the group at the final hour, allowing a concert to be held on the Saturday night – one day after the blaze. Many fans had travelled from across Scotland to see the group for a Christmas concert in the Capital.

Investigations into the cause of the fire – which tore through the building six years to the month that another destroyed much of the neighbouring Canongate – are still ongoing.

Edinburgh City Council says that it has taken all necessary steps to ensure public safety at the site.

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