'Scotland should honour Moray – he's as much a hero as Wallace'

A TORY MSP has called for a monument to honour a national hero who fought alongside William Wallace.

Andrew Moray commanded an army in the Scottish Wars of Independence in the 13th century alongside his better-known counterpart.

Wallace's contribution to Scots history is marked with several statues and memorials, not to mention a Hollywood film.

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But Murdo Fraser said the victories of Moray also helped shaped Scotland's history and he should be held in the same regard.

The Mid Scotland and Fife Conservative MSP wants a monument "on par with the finest statues in Scotland" to commemorate the Highlander, who was killed at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297.

Mr Fraser said: "It would be fitting to have a monument for one of Scotland's most important historical heroes.

"I want to see a national debate about the type of monument and its location, meaning all Scots can take part as well as raise awareness of Andrew Moray's role in our history.

"A possible site could be near the original Battle of Stirling Bridge, which would allow Scots and visitors to go to the monument as well as visit the Wallace Monument and the Battle of Bannockburn site."

Moray, also known as Andrew de Moray and Andrew Murray, led the rising against the rule of King Edward I in 1297. He and Wallace merged forces to win at Stirling Bridge. Each year thousands visit the Wallace Monument overlooking the site.

A statue of Wallace also stands in Aberdeen city centre.

Mr Fraser said the Royal Commission of the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland has no record of any statue or monument commemorating Andrew Moray.

"The Battle of Stirling Bridge was a significant victory for Andrew Moray and William Wallace, and a pivotal point in our history," he said.

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"Many historians indicate that it was Andrew Moray who decided to fight the English army at Stirling Bridge and that he commanded more men than William Wallace during the battle. The deeds and victories of Andrew Moray have shaped Scotland, yet it seems there are no statues or monuments to commemorate him."

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