Scottish not the same as Scotch, warns watchdog

A CONSUMER watchdog has called on the Scottish Government to end confusion over "tartanised" meat labelling.

According to Consumer Focus Scotland, a variety of labels and images are being used on packs to signify Scottish produce, but shoppers are left unsure of the quality and origin of the meat.

One area of uncertainty is the difference between the terms "Scotch" and "Scottish" on beef and lamb labels.

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The director of Consumer Focus Scotland, Martyn Evans, said ministers should step in. He added: "The term 'Scotch beef' has a legal status. It means that the meat has been born, reared and slaughtered in Scotland, and has met quality-assured standards. The term 'Scottish' offers no such quality guarantees.

"We don't think that anyone is out to deceive customers, but without clear guidance they run the risk of shoppers being misled."

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