SNP branded '˜the party of austerity' as John McDonnell slams independence

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has branded the SNP as '˜the party of austerity' following the release of the Growth Commission for independence.
John McDonnell, Shadow ChancellorJohn McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor
John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor

He dubbed the SNP’s document as a “dead-end paper that gives no hope to working people” stating that the report on the economics of independence was an attack on the prospects of ordinary Scots.

He stated that the plans to cut the defecit in Scotland by two-thirds would see austerity unlike anywhere else in the UK.

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John McDonnell calls on SNP to '˜end austerity' in Scotland
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He said: “It just lacks ambition and adventure for the country. As far as I can see, it will embed austerity and won’t provide the growth they want.

“These flexi-security proposals they’re putting forward, it just means insecure work, it means an extension of zero hours contracts and that means low pay.”

McDonnell also said that the SNP were ‘past their peak’ saying: “If the SNP want to continue to disguise their policies by an appeal to patriotism, people will see through them. Coming along here with a flag does not provide the security I need, in fact you’re putting jobs at risk. I think people will see through the false hope the SNP offer.”

“There are different form of patriotism. You can wrap yourself in a flag and come along with plans to impoverish people and grind the economy down but the real world starts to intrude and that is why the SNP have gone past their peak.”

Speaking to the Daily Record in an exlusive interview, he stated that Labour were gearing up for a drive against Scottish independence and were aiming to win back key seats for Labour success in now SNP-held areas.

He said: “I’m worried that people haven’t woken up to how the SNP are now an austerity party and this Growth Commission has demonstrated that.”

“These seats can make or break us. Scotland needs Labour because we can mobilise the resources of the whole of the UK to make sure Scotland has a great future.”

“We have a fiscal credibility rule to pay off the deficit in a realistic period but more importantly, investing in the economy and having a fair tax system.

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“If it was us, we’d have a national investment bank with real resources, we’d extend trade union rights and restore them so people have a living wage. We’d give workers the right to buy companies with first refusal when they

are sold on. We’d double the co-operative sector.

“All the ambition we’ve put forward for ordinary people is devoid from the SNP. Overall, they just lack ambition for the country.

“You look at what Richard Leonard is putting forward. Tony Benn said we want an irreversible shift of power and wealth to working people.

“We are adding to that, we’re adding public ownership as well, of energy, of the Royal Mail. Are the SNP going to back us on this?”

“We are preparing detailed plans for public ownership. We want workers to be on boards, of course, but we want them to have rights and profit sharing and the right to own companies who are often sold on with workers’ interests disregarded.”

On leaving the EU McDonnell said: “We’ve got to recognise the long-term interest of Scotland is in the UK but we have to recognise the referendum result. That’s democracy.”