The Scotsman Crossword 11/05/20

Here’s the Scotsman crossword grid and clues for Monday.
The Scotsman crosswordThe Scotsman crossword
The Scotsman crossword

We will publish the solution tomorrow. Press Ctrl-P to print the screen.


1 Potentially valuable item has to fit inside, right away (5,7)

Scotsman crosswordScotsman crossword
Scotsman crossword

8 Sways to and fro like the Rolling Stones (5)

9 Went away under duress, in the main (6,3)

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11 Graduates at small firm had time to design a talisman for it (6)

12 Can a first person book? (8)

14 Start with confidence, although it’s a contradiction in terms (4,6)

15 Did a gangster find it hard to get into the boat (4)

18 The little people had to sum up the final spells (4)

19 Splendid growth observed on a tree, like mistletoe (10)

21 Calculated that one had two cats arranged on line (8)

23 Did a wading bird run into a hidden marksman? (6)

25 One’s reached boiling point, charged with detonating a device (9)

26 Did one complain, in return, about a pleasant girl (5)

27 FA stand to lose little time on organisation. It’s acting in a reckless manner (4,3,5)


1 In truth, she got the picture from an information paper (4-5)

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2 Answer back to a priest, say, getting a sympathetic reaction (8)

3 Falls over at small collieries, on the way back (4)

4 Girl’s told about a confused situation (10)

5 Twice set out to find a small fly that spreads disease (6)

6 On the scent of old party at an ancient city (5)

7 When one’s covered all over, head for the end (4,3,2,3)

10 One fighter turned up to take aim at a group of goods wagons (7,5)

13 For an invasion force to take possession, it needs a lot of work (10)

16 He had no EP arranged, so needed a listening device (9)

17 Start to get in, to gain access to a place close at hand (4,4)

20 Go on the attack to raise the tempo at the crease (3,3)

22 A small firm needed promotion to produce some oil (5)

24 One’s feeling fit and healthy in the Spring (4)

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