The Scotsman Crossword 18/05/20

Here is the Scotsman crossword grid and clues for Monday, 18 May.
Today's crossword is belowToday's crossword is below
Today's crossword is below

This is being provided during lockdown for those who would like to print off and complete.


1 Following the current trend, in a way (5,1,7)

Crossword for 18 MayCrossword for 18 May
Crossword for 18 May

10 Is up in arms about one having only one price (5)

11 A little girl left a new church with Henry, during a snowfall (9)

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12 Was quite emphatic that a new little sister had to have some shelter (9)

13 Car club involved in a short road race at an estate (5)

14 Express little hesitation on the need for another coach (7)

16 Take note of a musical production, at first, to perform in a theatre (7

18 Wins very easily, with little hesitation, wearing one-piece garment (7)

20 Came across some workers going inside to pick up a keepsake (7)

21 Have to wear the right club colours on first short excursion (5)

23 Controlled great flow of emotion, say, and had a pleasant feeling about it (9)

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25 Exaggerate the details of a story to make things more interesting (9)

26 Head off metal-worker who is behind schedule (5)

27 An officer had to negotiate with a merchant stocking a wide range of items (7,6)


2 First fellow falls behind, but still has standards (5)

3 From the past to the present, thus far (4,5)

4 After a mature reflection, he decided to play for nothing (7)

5 Make something suitable to change, like 1 across (5,2)

6 Have a way of showing pity or kindness, with tenderness (5)

7 At one time, made a profit regularly (4,5)

8 A girl’s quite concerned, but wouldn’t take sides (13)

9 Might a striker get ahead at the midpoint? (6-7)

15 A senior officer took in a book, at the end. It’s quite praiseworthy (9)

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17 Reads about meal cooked up by a Spanish gypsy girl (9)

19 For second time, an old tyrant had a lot of staying power (7)

20 Game little boy, at the end, was co-ordinated (7)

22 Could turn up at university, in short, at a heartbeat (5)

24 On line, at one time, he was quite agile (5)

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