Scotland to be hotter than Barcelona as nation set for warmest February ever

Scotland could Spring into the new season this week – on the back of a trio of remarkable weather records.

The country has already recorded the hottest February day and night ever and now looks set to top that with the warmest February in history.

Parts of Scotland could even be hotter than Mediterranean areas next week with the Highlands set to be hotter than the Spanish city of Barcelona on Monday.

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The Met Office say there is an outside chance of the north of Scotland registering 19C (66F) tomorrow the kind of temperature which would be respectable in June or July.

Scotland could be hotter than Barcelona (right). Pictures: PixabayScotland could be hotter than Barcelona (right). Pictures: Pixabay
Scotland could be hotter than Barcelona (right). Pictures: Pixabay
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Scotland smashes maximum temperature record for February

Instead, it is the final week of winter and almost exactly 12 months to the day we were hit by the ‘Beast from the East.’

“Scotland’s temperatures have been way, way above average,” said John West of the Met Office.

“On Monday, Kinloss may see 17C (63F) Cape Wrath 18C (64F) and there’s an outside chance somewhere in the north could go as high as 19C (66F).”

If that happens, it will be the second time this month that Scotland has smashed the record for the hottest February day ever, beating a record which was previously set in 1897.

More importantly, the warmer days could drag up the ‘average’ temperature to rival the 8.7C (47F) last seen in 1998.

Added Mr West:”It looks as if we are going to record an unusually warm February as a whole.

“We are seeing high pressure over the near continent dominating the UK weather right now.

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“This has the effect of deflecting weather fronts away from the UK, effectively keeping the Atlantic at bay.

“This is why we are seeing temperatures way above average for the end of winter.

“Really cold weather in North America is driving a strong Jetstream. We just happen to be on the right side of it.”

Mr West said that because the north west of Scotland is nearest those Atlantic fronts, this could result in rain for the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland in the coming days.

This brought some disruption to Cal Mac ferry services at the weekend.

The further south and east you are, the more likely you are to see drier weather and long spells of sunshine.

It’s only once we approach the official start to Spring on Friday that things begin to turn unsettled.

Many families have taken the opportunity to enjoy the fine conditions today. Smeaton’s Nursery, Garden and Tearooms at East Linton, just off the A1, was doing a roaring trade in cream teas.

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Boss Steve McCready said:”Sundays are busy anyway but people seem to be in fine fettle today because of the weather.

“Customers are coming in with a smile on their face and taking advantage of our well-stocked plant centre.”

Traffic Scotland used its Twitter account to warn drivers of low sun glare as many headed for the coasts and hills.